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Job TitleDirector, Religious Activities and Education
OrganizationTrinity Lutheran Church & Early Learning Center
ContactMary Onwiler & Pastor Brian Cummins
Address2440 Hilltop Drive
LocationRedding, California 96002
Position Overview-

Position Title: Director of Trinity Lutheran Early Learning Center
Reports to: Board of Christian Education, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church

Ideal Qualifications:

The ideal qualification for the Director of Trinity Lutheran Early Learning Center are as follows:
A bachelor's degree from an accredited or approved college or university with a major or emphasis in early childhood education or child development and at least one year of teaching experience in a licensed child care center or comparable group child care program.
Three semester or equivalent quarter units shall be in administration or staff relations.
A Child Development Site Supervisor Permit or a Child Development Program Director Permit issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
Doctrinal training within the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) provided either by an accredited LCMS College or University or another source approved by the Board of Elders of Trinity Lutheran Church and the Senior Pastor.

Minimum Qualifications:

Candidates for the Director of Trinity Lutheran Early Learning Center will possess at a minimum the following qualifications:
High school graduation or GED; completion, with passing grades, of 15 semester or equivalent quarter units as specified in (A) and (B) below at an accredited or approved college or university; and at least four years of teaching experience in a licensed child care center or comparable group child care program.
(A)  Three of the 15 units required above shall be in administration or staff relations.
(B)  Twelve of the 15 units required above shall include courses that cover the general areas of child growth and development, or human growth and development; child, family and community, or child and family; and program/curriculum.

Areas of Responsibility:

Creating the monthly curriculum and communicating it to staff;
Managing and supervising the Early Learning Center staff, including managing the staff schedule, requests for time off, staff supervision, annual staff reviews, and staff discipline matters;
Ordering for classroom supplies and other school equipment;
Assists with child and staff files to be compliant with State rules;
Must know all applicable State and/or federal rules and regulations (including but not limited to Title 22) and implement them throughout the building;
Parent Education
Fostering relationships with current and prospective parents, including being available to answer questions, give facility tours and manage marketing strategies;
Fostering the growth and development of a positive relationship between Trinity Lutheran Church and the Trinity Lutheran Early Learning Center staff and members.

Specific Responsibilities:

Maintain a regular set of office hours to be available to meet with parents, both current and prospective.
Try to maintain a schedule with a minimum of two (2) full days away from work activities per week.
Take no less than two (2) weeks of vacation per year in order to maintain spiritual, physical and emotional wellness.
Regular attendance at Trinity Lutheran Church worship services is encouraged.
Attend and prepare a report for all Board of Christian Education meetings.
Attend Church Council meetings as requested by the Board of Christian Education.
Attend Church Voters Meetings as requested by the Church Council.
Responsible for leadership in ELC participation in special events like the Harvest Festival, Back to School Night, etc…
Additional Specific Responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following from California Title 22:
The child care center director shall be responsible for the operation of the center, for compliance with regulations, and for communications with the Department; and has the authority to acknowledge receipt of deficiency notices and to correct deficiencies that constitute immediate threats to children's health and safety.
The child care center director, or the substitute director shall be on the premises during the hours the center is in operation, or have an assistant director/lead teacher on site.
A child care center director shall complete 16 hours of health and safety training if necessary pursuant to Health and Safety Code Section 1596.866.
Health and Safety Code Section 1596.866 provides in part:
In addition to any other required training, at least one director or teacher at each day care center...shall have at least 15 hours of health and safety training, and if applicable, at least one additional hour of training. The training shall include the following components:
Pediatric first aid.
Pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
A preventative health practices course or courses that include instruction in the recognition, management, and prevention of infectious diseases, including immunizations, and prevention of childhood injuries.
Harassment Training as mandated by law.
At least one hour of childhood nutrition training as part of the preventive health practices course or courses.
The training may include instruction in sanitary food handling, emergency preparedness and evacuation, and caring for children with special needs.

All other duties as assigned.

Position Summary:

Under the direction of Trinity Lutheran Board of Christian Education, the director is responsible for the supervision and implementation of Trinity Lutheran Early Learning Center. Part of each workday will be administrative (managing the business and paperwork necessary to run the program). The rest of the day will be teaching. The director will develop lesson plans and instructional materials for whole, individual, and small group instruction. Working with the Pastor and other called staff, the director will also implement age appropriate Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) doctrine into the faith curriculum.


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