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Job TitleDirector of Worship Arts
OrganizationGrace Lutheran Church and School
ContactRev. Charles T. Reich
Address327 Ave C SE
LocationWinter Haven, Florida 33880
Position Overview-Director of Worship Arts
and Associate Director of Worship Arts

We envision two full-time people, (Director of Worship Arts and Associate Director of Worship Arts) hired separately, who desire to work together in a collaborative and complementary relationship to fulfill the music and worship arts responsibilities of our church and school ministry. Both individuals will teach music classes in the school and lead worship services for the congregation with specific duties divided between them based upon their interests, skills and abilities. Within the skillsets of either of the two people, there must be a capability of leading traditional Lutheran worship with exceptional organ performance skills in a classical style and a capability of leading contemporary worship in a liturgical setting. Either position is expected to organize, direct and/or accompany a variety of choirs, praise bands, and brass, wind, bell and vocal ensembles of students or adults with varied abilities. Both people must have the necessary relational skills and professional team mindset to accomplish more synergistically than independently.

• Fulfill the church’s and school’s mission of “Connecting People to Jesus” and vision of “Grace For All Generations” by directing and supporting all aspects of the music and worship arts ministry in concert with the pastor(s) and principal(s).
• Develop music and sacred initiatives to create meaningful, inspirational and participative worship events for God’s people of various ages who gather in Lutheran contemporary and traditional settings.
• Teach music skills and worship arts appreciation to children and adults of the church’s PK2-Grade 8 school, congregation, and Fine Arts Academy.
• Provide worship arts leadership, choral and praise band direction, and instrumental organization for the members and students of the church’s congregation and school.
• Make disciples of all nations, inspire artistic praise of God’s Name, and become a leading provider in the community of music instruction to the Glory of God and for the Growth of His Kingdom.


• Oversee/Support all aspects of the church’s worship arts ministry.
• Advise the pastors on structure and music for all traditional, contemporary and special services of worship.
• Provide or ensure music leadership at all services of regularly scheduled worship, weddings, funerals, etc.
• Recruit, organize and lead all choir and ensemble rehearsals.
• Oversee and schedule technological support of all audio, visual, and livestream broadcast of worship events.
• Oversee/Support all aspects of the school’s worship arts ministry.
• Instruct (or supervise instruction) of music classes, Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 5.
• Instruct (or supervise) a music elective class for Grades 6-8 each quarter.
• Set up all music concerts and provide music leadership for the special school programs held each year.
• Lead and/or supply music for school chapels

• Schedule community performances by Grace musical groups as appropriate.
• Ensure updating, inventory, and maintenance of music and audio, visual, lighting and broadcast equipment.
• Properly manage the expenditure of worship arts ministry funds.
• Coordinate the enrollment, provision and assignments of students and instructors for a variety of music lessons in the Fine Arts Academy. This includes the opportunity to provide private music lessons. NOTE* Currently, this ministry has only been offered to students enrolled in our school and to a few homeschooled students of the congregation. There is great opportunity for growth beyond the church and school.

• Salary is in accordance with the church body’s salary guidelines factored by: degrees earned, years of experience, local congregation’s standard of expectation, administrative responsibilities and local cost of living index. Salary may be negotiated based upon professional expertise.
• Premier Health Benefits package provided. CHRISTIAN ATTRIBUTES:
• Profess a belief that the Bible is God’s Word and standard for faith and daily living.
• Be a Christian role model in attitude, speech and actions toward others.
• Seek membership and remain in good standing with Grace Lutheran Church.


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