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Job TitleChinese Studies Teacher - Lower Primary
OrganizationHong Kong International School
ContactDorothy Wong
Address1 Red Hill Road
 Tai Tam 
LocationHong Kong, N/A
Phone+852 3149 7828
Position Overview-Job Title: Chinese Studies Teacher Department: LP, UP, MS, HS Reports to: Director of Chinese Studies and Divisional Principal


In order to meet HKIS student learning results and grade level expectations, the Chinese Studies teacher carries out the following responsibilities within the following domains: Planning and Preparation, Classroom Management, Instruction, and Professional Responsibilities.

It is understood in carrying out these responsibilities that the teacher supports the school mission: Dedicating our minds to inquiry, our hearts to compassion, and our lives to service and global understanding: An American style education grounded in the Christian faith and respecting the spiritual lives of all.

The teacher also supports our six learning results which are academic excellence, Chinese culture (understanding of China and an appreciation of Chinese culture), spirituality, contributing to society, self-motivated learning and character development. Chinese Studies in Chinese language and culture is an important part of our curriculum and school life. Hence Chinese Studies teachers have the responsibility of all the above.

HKIS has a strong commitment to educating students in Chinese culture and throughout the school’s 49-year history, have offered courses in Mandarin language and Chinese culture. This commitment is solidified and articulated in one of our six student learning results on Chinese culture; students will gain an understanding of China and an appreciation of the Chinese culture.

Currently, over 83% of the student body or approximately 2200 students participate in our Mandarin language program. The program serves both foreign language learners and Chinese heritage students.

The profile of HKIS’s Mandarin language learner is complex with students from diverse ethnic backgrounds and with wide and varied language skill levels. The program is strongly supported by our parent community, many of whom are very committed to our program, making a high quality and effective Mandarin language instructional program essential.



Instruction and Curriculum Planning:
• Use in-depth knowledge of Chinese linguistic skills, Chinese language and culture content and HKIS Chinese program curriculum outcomes, students, pedagogy and resources to design coherent instruction in the Chinese Studies program that are coherent with the K-12 program as a whole
• Keep update with ACTFL standards and proficiency guidelines
• Plan, revise, record and follow units of work that provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences
• Select instructional goals for each lesson, each unit and each grade level
• Gather data through assessments and analyse and review student work to provide a clear, recursive, rigorous, relevant and rich curriculum
• Participate and contribute to professional growth workshops and conferences in Chinese Language and Culture teaching areas in-house and with Chinese teaching professionals world-wide


Class Management:
• Create an environment of respect and rapport
• Establish a culture of learning that are in line with HKIS philosophy
• Manage classroom procedures and maintain clear rules and procedures; establish routines for daily tasks and needs within HKIS guidelines
• Manage student behaviour and provide consistent and appropriate discipline by working with homeroom teachers and counsellors
• Orchestrate smooth transitions and continuity of curriculum and programs between grade levels
• Organise space and materials to provide student centred and effective instruction and a safe learning environment Pastoral Care:
• Respond to students’ emotional and social needs
• Model interpersonal skills, respectful relationships and problem-solving, in order to provide a safe learning environment


• Deliver developmentally appropriate learning experiences for students; Use a variety of questioning and discussion techniques and grouping techniques to engage students in learning. Preferably, for young learners and beginner/low level learners, the ideal candidates are experienced in using TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Story-telling); for near native speakers and higher-level learners, the ideal candidates are experienced in using TBLT (Task Based Language Teaching).
• Transfer linguistic and culture knowledge into effective practices in class
• Provide differentiated support and instruction for students with different Chinese proficiency levels to ensure that students develop understanding of content and apply skills.
• Intentionally design learning activities to help students achieve appropriate ACTFL proficiency levels.
• Provide timely and constructive feedback to students
• Implement best practice in instructional strategies on all five skills of Chinese language and culture: listening, speaking, reading and writing of Chinese and knowledge on Chinese culture

• Assess student learning and plan and administer a variety of appropriate formative and summative assessments, including performance-based assessment in Chinese language and culture
• Experienced in ACTFL assessment philosophy and method, particularly assessing students’ Three Modes of Communication: Interpersonal, Interpretive and Presentational communication.
• Analyse and use the data provided by the assessments to guide instruction planning.


Teams and Committees:
• Attend and actively participate in grade level and curriculum team, divisional and all-school meetings
• Collaborate with colleagues and use a variety of tuning protocols to examine assessment data and student work
• Be responsible for 85 to 100 students’ Chinese language and culture learning per teacher per year.

Parent Communication:
• Provide timely, clear, and appropriate feedback on student performance and progress so that parents can effectively support their child’s learning and development.
• Prepare and attend parent conferences twice a year for approximately 90 students per teacher

• Set yearly individual and team goals; support divisional and school goals;
• Collect and review data related to these goals and to HKIS competencies, in order to improve planning and preparation, classroom management, instruction or meeting professional responsibilities.

Professional Development:
• Participate in professional growth experiences such as courses, workshops or conferences in order to improve Chinese linguistic skills, planning and preparation, classroom management, instruction, technology use and to overall grow and develop professionally.

Extra-curricular Activities:
• Contribute to the school and community by participating in one or more student activities outside of the classroom; offer after school activities, coach, support musical or dramatic performances, supervise dances or sports in order to provide students with a variety of opportunities to widen their interests and develop alternate means of self-expression.
• Participate in the Upper Primary summer in China program and exchange programs with schools in China.

• Weekly Chinese Studies Department meeting
• Weekly Chinese Studies Curriculum Committee meetings
• Chinese Studies in-service
• Responsibility assigned within the department and the K-12 team
• Chinese culture related after school activities
• Contribute and participate in the Upper Primary summer in China program and exchange programs with schools in China


• Qualified Teacher in Chinese language and culture
• Training workshops or certificate in teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language, preferably TPRS, TBLT and training related to ACTFL standards/benchmarks/assessment
• Bachelors Degree in relevant subject area
• Masters preferable

• Minimum 5 years experience in teaching Chinese as a second/foreign language
• Successful experience in working with students in the age group she/he is teaching
• Previous experience in an international school and familiarity with American educational system
• Experience in creating UbD units of work using ‘backward design’ strategies

Required Skills:
• Excellent knowledge of the developmental needs of students in the age group you are teaching.
• Excellent knowledge of the content and pedagogy
• Knowledge of and experience in using a variety of assessments and applying differentiated learning techniques.
• Grounded in knowledge about teaching and learning the Chinese language and culture
• Demonstrates respect for teachers as professionals and as adult learners
• Effective communicator – communicates well with a diverse community, proficient writing skills in both Chinese and English
• Highly skillful at using technology
• Strong organizational and time management skills
• As a school grounded in the Christian faith, we hire Christian teachers and administrators as well as those of other faiths. HKIS seeks to hire candidates who are interested in the complex questions of faith and spirituality and who are keen to learn and interact with others of different faith traditions.

• In order to successfully fulfill your role as a teacher in Chinese Studies, you are expected to meet or exceed the HKIS teacher competency standards.

HKIS Code of Ethics
• In addition to the above HKIS teachers are required to follow and abide by the code of ethics.


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