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Job TitleClassroom Teacher
OrganizationHong Kong International School
ContactDorothy Wong
Address1 Red Hill Road
LocationTai Tam, Hong Kong, 00000
Phone852 3149 7828
Position Overview-JOB SUMMARY

In support of the HKIS Mission and Vision, and to meet HKIS Student Learning Results and grade level/subject expectations, the teacher carries out the following broad and specific responsibilities across the following domains: Planning and Preparation, Instructional Strategies, Management, Assessment, and Professional Responsibilities.


 Use in-depth knowledge of content and HKIS curriculum outcomes, students, pedagogy and resources to design coherent instruction.
 Collaborate with colleagues in the development of learning targets and instructional goals that align with the curriculum and “big ideas” of the unit and represent a range of types (e.g. factual, conceptual, reasoning).
 Plan, revise, document and follow units of work that provide developmentally appropriate and differentiated learning experiences.
 Gather data through assessments, analyze and review student work to inform the ongoing development of a clear, recursive, rigorous, relevant and rich curriculum

 Deliver developmentally appropriate and varied learning experiences and activities for students that align with learning outcomes/needs, provide opportunities for higher level thinking, anticipate student misconceptions, and are differentiated.
 Frame the learning for students by communicating how the lesson aligns with the unit’s enduring understandings, essential questions and goals.
 Use a variety of questioning and discussion techniques that are effective and align to content and instructional goals to engage students in learning, inquiry, problem solving, and high levels of thinking.
 Provide differentiated support and instruction to ensure that all students develop understanding of content and apply skills.
 Provide timely and constructive feedback to students.
 Ensure that pacing and instructional techniques are flexible, appropriate and responsive to the learning needs of the students, assessment data, and student feedback.
 Promote a growth mindset, students’ willingness to take risks with their learning and use mistakes as learning opportunities.
 Explicitly teach and models how to self-reflect, self-assess and use feedback; empower students to communicate about their own process of learning

 Create a safe learning environment where learning is accessible to all students and a culture of learning is established
 Organize classroom spaces, equipment and resources to align with instructional goals and learning activities and ensure that student materials are conducive to student learning
 Engage students productively in small group or independent work; integrate the teaching of constructive, pro-social behaviors into regular instruction.
 Establish and manage developmentally appropriate classroom procedures, daily routines, and standards of conduct and provide consistent and appropriate discipline.
 Orchestrate smooth transitions and continuity of momentum, ensuring that noninstructional tasks minimize loss of instructional time.
 Organize, adapt and maintain student learning data and resources to inform instructional practice.

Pastoral Care:
 Respond to students’ emotional and social needs; establish a culture of respect and positive relationships.
 Model interpersonal skills, respectful relationships, problem-solving, and positive risktaking, in order to provide a safe learning environment.

 Evaluate student learning and understanding through a variety of high quality, developmentally appropriate formative and summative assessments (including performance based tasks) aligned to UbD Stage 1 elements (e.g. articulated standards, enduring understandings, knowledge and skills).
 Provide students with specific assessment criteria with appropriate use of exemplars during instruction.
 Ensure that feedback to students includes regular peer and self-assessments using set criteria to assess their own and their peers’ work to inform improvement.
 Models ways for students to reflect and constructively use feedback from the teacher and/or peers to inform their learning.
 Use a system to collect and organize a variety of assessment data
 Participate in reflective conversations about common assessments and analysis of data; use assessment data and analysis to inform instruction and planning.
 Provide regular feedback to students and parents in a timely manner; include specific and detailed comments, examples of student performance, information about completed and/or missing assignments and attainment of learning goals and areas for improvement.
 Provide timely, clear and appropriate feedback on student performance and progress to parents so that parents can effectively support their child’s learning and development.
 Collaborate with colleagues on the planning and writing of common assessments, criteria/rubrics, observational checklists and exemplars.

 Consistently demonstrate respect for and protection of boundaries and the rights and confidentiality of others.
 Respect and comply with school, division and/or department policies and practices, including those related to digital etiquette and responsible use of technology and information.
 Proactively promote the success of colleagues and students by collaborating with colleagues in the sharing and exchange of ideas, information, resources and support.
 Work constructively with others to define problems and goals generate alternatives and evaluate, select and implement solutions; compromise by adjusting individual desires for the greater good of the team and/or School.
 Assume personal responsibility for and contribute to a positive and safe climate and culture.
 Contribute to the School and HKIS community by participating in one or more student activities outside of the classroom; offer after school activities, coach, support musical or dramatic performances, supervise dances or sports activities in order to provide students with a variety of opportunities to widen their interests and develop alternate means of self-expression.
 Undertake other duties as required for the welfare of students, to strengthen the team and improve the overall operation of the School. Teams and Committees:
 Attend and actively participate in grade level and curriculum team, divisional and allschool meetings
 Collaborate with colleagues and use a variety of protocols to examine assessment data and student work Goals:
 Establish specific, measurable individual goals each year and contribute to the development of team goals that support divisional and Schoolwide goals.
 Collect and review data related to these goals in order to improve planning and preparation, instruction, management, assessment, and the fulfilment of professional responsibilities.

Professional Development:
 Seek opportunities to enhance professional knowledge and pedagogical skills (e.g. planning & preparation, management, instructional and assessment strategies) to continually grow and develop professionally.
 Reflect on (and provide to others) constructive feedback to inform personal and professional growth.

LP: Supervise Teacher Assistants in appropriately working with or supervising children and managing clerical tasks
UP: Participate in yearly outdoor camp experience in Hong Kong. Supervise and work with teacher assistants.
MS: Participate actively in the yearly Programme of Extended Activities for Kids (PEAK) trips.
HS: Participate in course teaming responsibilities in the development of curriculum and common assessments. Participate in weekly department and collaborative meetings.
Participate in yearly off campus learning experience - Interim Program

Education & Certification:
 Bachelors Degree in relevant subject area, Masters Degree preferred
 Qualified Teacher Certification Experience:  Minimum 5 years of full time teaching in the grade level or subject area
 Successful experience in working with students in the respective age group
 Previous experience in an international school and familiarity with American educational system preferred
 Experience teaching ESL students preferred
 Experience in creating units of work using ‘backward design’ strategies preferred

Required Knowledge & Skills:
 Experience collaborating with a large team of teachers preferred
 Excellent knowledge of the subject content and pedagogy
 Excellent knowledge of the developmental needs of students in the respective age group
 Knowledge of and experience in using a variety of assessments and applying differentiated learning techniques
 Strong grounding in knowledge about teaching and learning
 Respects teachers as professionals and as adult learners
 Effective communicator; ability to communicate articulately (verbal and written) with a diverse community
 Adept at using technology
 Strong organizational and time management skills
 As a school grounded in the Christian faith, we hire Christian teachers and administrators as well as those of other faiths. HKIS seeks to hire candidates who are interested in the complex questions of faith and spirituality and who are keen to learn and interact with others of different faith traditions.

 In order to successfully fulfil your role as a teacher, you are expected to meet or exceed the HKIS teacher competency standards as articulated in the Teacher Rubric.
 Life-long learner: Passionate about professional and personal growth and continuously improving one’s teaching practices.
 Spiritually centered: Committed to understanding and respecting Christianity, other religions and spiritual journeys.
 Collaborative and relational: Enthusiastic about sharing professional practices and teamwork.
 Focused: Committed to the HKIS Mission, Vision, and Student Learning Results.
 Community builder: Willingness to participate in HKIS community events.
 Global minded: Understands, respects and appreciates diverse cultures, a sense of global stewardship and responsibility.

Code of Conduct
 Teachers are required to comply with the HKIS Code of Conduct


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