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Job TitleFirst Grade Teacher #2
OrganizationTrinity Lutheran School
ContactKen Kruegger
Address600 Water Street
LocationEdwardsville, Illinois 62025
Position Overview-Trinity Lutheran Ministries
Our mission is to lift high the cross of Jesus Christ by preaching, teaching, and sharing God’s love and unchanging Word.

Position Description
Job Title: 1st Grade Classroom Teacher
License: Teachers are required to have or acquire an Illinois Teacher’s License.
Accountable to: Principal
Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities
1. Teach and facilitate an educational curriculum which aligns with the Lutheran Accreditation Standards and Illinois State Accreditation Standards while maintaining quality instruction and Christian education
2. Plan and initiate teacher/parent conferences
3. Supervise the students during regular school hours
4. Arrive by 7:15am and, depending on the assignment, depart no sooner than 3:15pm
5. Supervise extracurricular activities as assigned by the principal or Trinity Lutheran Ministries Board of Christian Schools (includes activities such as operettas and Lutheran Schools Week activities, not mandated sports coaching)
6. Attend teacher conferences and workshops with the approval of the principal (budget provided)
7. Maintain discipline within the classroom and transition areas and follow school discipline policies including proper documentation and chain of communication
8. Facilitate a system of student evaluation/assessment and interprets assessment data in order to use the results for continuous improvement or adaptation of instruction in the classroom
9. Maintain student evaluation through the use of gradebook, report card and permanent records
10. Communicate with each student’s family in order to develop each child’s spiritual, mental, physical, emotional and social well-being.
11. Observe and report to the principal any possible cases of abuse, neglect or special needs of a student/students
12. Regularly attend faculty meetings and in-services

Faith, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
1. Believe in the Triune God and that Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection eternally saves us.
2. Adhere to the teachings of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.
3. Work in a team environment and be a team player in any situation.
4. Physically and mentally react immediately to unexpected circumstances.
5. Possess effective written, verbal and informational technology-based communication skills.
6. Possess skills to organize and implement tasks given
7. Possess a working knowledge and certification of Illinois Department of Children and Family Services mandatory reporter requirements.
8. Possess the ability and desire to understand and address the developmental needs of children.
9. Meet the minimum state standards for a childcare worker (including, but not limited to: Maintaining or gaining the Illinois Teaching License, passing criminal background checks, free from infectious disease, proper immunization, first aid and CPR certified.)

First Grade classroom teacher is an annual contracted position with a salary compensation calculated utilizing the Trinity Lutheran School PayScale with years of experience factoring.
Personnel benefits are included in this position.
Health Insurance is fully paid for by the ministry. Coverage includes employee and full immediate family.
Dental Insurance is fully paid for by the ministry. Coverage includes employee and full immediate family.
Vision Insurance is fully paid for by the ministry. Coverage includes employee and full immediate family.
Health Savings account stipend is provided by the ministry.
Retirement account through the Concordia Lutheran Savings and Retirement Plan Services available with a 2% contribution match.

This position will cover first grade classroom number two.
This position will have the support and the ability to work together with our experienced first grade teacher in classroom number one.
This position is part of the K-2 department which is involved in a program which provides academic, behavioral, and emotional support and tools to teachers and students through assessment and treatment plans from Occupational Therapists working with our school. The bottom 30% of students continuously receive support services.
The school also provides students with access to our in-house resource teacher.
The school has a student services director available to help with the implementation of accommodation services for individual students such as having tests read.
The department is supported by in-classroom and floating department aides.

To apply please email:
• Resume
To principal: Ken Krueger at 618-656-7002
Following interviews, applicants must provide:
• Teaching license
• Transcripts
• 3 references

Position Application Closes: Aug 1, 2023


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