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Job TitlePrincipal
OrganizationFirst Lutheran School
ContactJason Heitman
Address1104 N 4th st
LocationPonca City, Oklahoma 74601
Position Overview-PRINCIPAL - Job Description

The Principal is accountable directly to the Board of Parochial Education and through the Board to the Church Council and Voters' Assembly. The Principal will report regularly to the Board regarding all aspects of his/her responsibilities.

Performance of the Principal's Job Requirements
Performance of the Principal's job will be evaluated annually by the chairman of the Board. Input for the performance evaluation will be gained from the principal, the Board, pastor(s), and teachers. This formal written evaluation, signed by the principal, will be presented to the Board.

The Principal and Pastor(s) will work as a team in the pursuit of an effective total ministry. The following guidelines should be followed:
• The Principal acknowledges the Pastor(s) as the spiritual leader and assists the Pastor in this ministry.
• The Pastor(s) and the Principal are role models in cooperative helpfulness in the ministry and they uphold and affirm each other's positions.
• The Principal and Pastor(s) will confer and consult with each other in making MAJOR decisions.
• Pastor(s) and Principal will hold weekly meetings to ensure cooperative helpfulness.

Qualifications of the Principal
The Principal:
• Shall have been a successful teacher for a minimum of 3 years.
• Must hold a valid state teaching certificate, or an Administration degree if full-time principal.
• Must have a master's degree or higher in Elementary Education with emphasis on supervision and administration.
• Must continue to advance professionally through reading, conference attendance and further study in education or school administration.
• Must be an active member of professional organizations.
• Must have a total parish awareness, showing interest in the total Christian educational program of the congregation.
• Must be an active member of First Lutheran Church – Ponca City, Oklahoma.
• Should preferably be listed on the roster of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

Personal Principal Expectations
• Participates actively in congregational activities, including regular attendance at worship services and Holy Communion.
• Participates in community activities and takes an active role whenever possible.
• Is able to clearly articulate objectives of the School.
• Sets annual goals for self, identifies priorities within these goals, subject to review by the Board Chairperson.
• Is willing to make decisive decisions, and exercises good judgment in doing so.
• Uses time efficiently, organizes work systematically, and follows through effectively on plans.
• Has good communication skills: writing, speaking, listening.
• Is physically and emotionally healthy.
• Has a pleasant appearance
• Is open-minded and tolerant, with a positive outlook on life.
• Is sensitive to the needs of others, showing Christian concern for them and their feelings.

Job Description
The principal is responsible for establishing and upholding the philosophy for Christian Education as stated the school policy guide and to make the Christian Day School an attractive, pleasant, and productive place to work and learn. The principal is responsible for the administration and supervision of the educational program, personnel, assistant principal, all teaching and non-teaching staff, the physical plant, and the finances of the school.


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