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Questions about the open positions listed on this page should be directed to the contact organization listed with the posting. The LCMS does not hire for these positions, and, as such, cannot answer any questions you may have about them.

Requests to post open positions for Recognized Services Organizations and affiliated organizations are done by the Department of Human Resources of The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod if the posting guidelines are met. If you are with an RSO or LCMS affiliate, and would like to see guidelines for applying to have your position listed on this page, please read our guideline and applications.

Job TitleTeacher
OrganizationFirst Lutheran School
ContactJason Heitman
Address1104 N 4th st
LocationPonca City, Oklahoma 74601
Each candidate for a regular teaching position (K - Grade 8) shall be required to have the following qualifications:
1. A degree from an accredited college or university.
2. A teaching certificate for the grade or subject the candidate is to teach.
In addition, each candidate shall be expected to give evidence of the following characteristics:
1. High moral character.
2. A genuine interest in children or youth.
3. A loyalty of America and its cultural heritage and an appreciation of our democratic way of life.
4. A devotion to the profession of teaching, based on recognition of its vital place in developing responsible citizens.
5. A desire to serve the school and church congregation.
6. Evidence of good health, vitality, enthusiasm, intelligence, and a good personality. Applicants with disabilities may apply for reasonable accommodations.
7. Effective self-expression.
8. In addition to the field of special study, some professional training in guidance, child growth, use of audio-visual aids, remedial reading, testing, public relations, or other areas which will enable the teacher to make the most of school and community resources.
Candidates shall be considered on the basis of their merits and effectiveness as teachers, without regard to their residence, place of birth, race, sex, age, or marital status.
In addition to demonstrating expertise as a professional educator, a teacher reveals life qualities by the responses he or she gives in daily activities. These responses come from a posture of gratitude and taking on the characteristics of total praise, thanksgiving and commitment as one who has been redeemed and freely brought back into the kingdom of grace.

The qualified teacher:
• has surrendered their life to God.
• is an example of Christian conduct and attitude.
• loves the children in his/her classroom.
• recognizes a spiritual responsibility toward students.
• lives closely with God through prayer, study of God's Word, and regularly attends worship and Communion.
• advances professionally through reading, additional education, observation, etc.
• presents a good personal appearance.
• is team-oriented.
• is of good mental and physical health.

Teacher qualifications
It is important to realize that teaching is the primary task of teachers. Other tasks, although important, are not to be so time consuming that they detract from the effectiveness of teaching.

Professional qualifications
• Be certified (if necessary) by the State Department of Education of Oklahoma.
• Be enrolled (if possible) on the Synodical Roster of the LCMS.
• Be responsible for following all policies in this manual.
• Adhere to the information provided in the Parent and Personnel Handbooks.


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