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Job TitleExecutive Director
OrganizationMartin Luther School
ContactVanderbloemen Search Group
Address60-02 Maspeth Ave
LocationQueens, New York 11378
Position Overview-Martin Luther School
The Role: Executive Director
Location: Queens, NY
Enrollment: 187
- New York State Board of Regents
- New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS)
- Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools
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Martin Luther School StudentsMeet Martin Luther School:

In the heart of Queens, NY, Martin Luther School (MLS) stands as a beacon of academic excellence and Christian values. This co-educational middle and high school, established in the 1960s, welcomes students from diverse backgrounds to a nurturing and inclusive environment. MLS fosters a unique blend of tradition and a forward-thinking spirit.

At MLS, faith and intellectual curiosity go hand in hand. Students are encouraged to develop their spiritual lives while engaging in a rigorous academic program. Backed by a small class size and a dedicated faculty with a 12:1 student-teacher ratio, MLS personalizes the learning experience, ensuring each student receives the support they need to flourish. Beyond academics, MLS fosters a well-rounded education by encouraging exploration of artistic pursuits and athletic endeavors. This holistic approach prepares graduates for success in college and empowers them to make a positive impact on the world.
About the Executive Director:

Martin Luther School is seeking its next Executive Director. This position will report to the Board of Directors.

The Executive Director, functioning as the Chief Executive Officer of New York Corporation The Martin Luther School, is responsible for carrying out the policies of the Association through its Board of Directors. S/he shall be responsible for the daily operation of the school and the welfare of the faculty and staff. Reporting directly to this office are the Principal, Director of Community Engagement, Director of Recruiting and Admissions, Assistant Principal – HR/Athletic Director, Director of Operations/IT, Director of Development, Director of Communications, Campus Deaconess, and Campus Pastor.
The Executive Director's Responsibilities Include:
- Shall ensure that people and resources are allocated appropriately to achieve the mission and vision of Martin Luther School
- Shall model and give witness to the Christian faith with the integrity, character, and enthusiasm of a disciple of Jesus Christ, giving ultimate concern for the spiritual lives of all staff, students and families.
- Shall have the ultimate responsibility and authority for the operation of Martin Luther School.
- Shall oversee the functions related to personnel, admissions, recruitment, education, finance, development, buildings and grounds, through the Administrative staff offices.
- Establishes and leads an effective administrative team and staff in a manner that engages and empowers others to take action and responsibility to achieve results, maintaining a climate of excellence, accountability and respect
- Articulates mission, value, vision and behavioral expectations that define Martin Luther School to all stakeholders (religious, educational, civic groups, churches, schools, alumni, school families)
- Works with administrators, faculty and staff to ensure academic success for all students
- Strategic and Organizational Planning
- Shall oversee and direct long range strategic planning and annual goal setting
- Shall set before the Board of Directors a vision and strategic plan for the school, monitoring and developing the plan adopted by the Board and informing the Board of the overall welfare of Martin Luther School.
- Drives a collaborative planning process with the administrative team that results in the development of yearly academic goals aligned with Martin Luther values
- Supervises all aspects of legal and board compliance including keeping abreast of legislation and other regulatory developments
- Develops, articulates, and maintains policies and procedures that are consistent with Martin Luther School’s mission and vision
- Works with the administrative team, faculty and staff, and Board of Directors to prepare the budget, monitor its progress and initiate changes as appropriate
Board Partnership
- Works collaboratively with the Board of Directors to further the mission and vision of Martin Luther School
- Partners with the Board in identifying and cultivating a diverse Board that links the school to stakeholders and brings valuable relationships and resources to the school
- Promotes understanding and good-working relationships between the Board and staff
- Provides direction and communication to the Board on all school related matters
- Recommends needed policy changes and action
Fund Development and Community Relations
- Responsible for determining the overall strategic purpose and goals for raising money
- Oversees the ongoing fund development plan, which secures third party funding sources for Martin Luther School
- Actively recruits a diverse donor base of individuals, businesses, foundations, and government segments Oversees a strategic marketing plan that communicates the school’s mission and vision with a clear and concise message to all stakeholders, including parents, students, staff, community partners and grantor's Acts as official spokesperson to the public and media regarding Martin Luther School
- Oversees and maintains strong relationships with parents and the community
- Oversees the development and management of an endowment and planned giving program in concert with the Board, Chief Financial Officer, and Directors of Development and Campus Deaconess
Administration and Human Resources
- Works to ensure that best practices and integrity guide all school operations
- Recruits and retains highly qualified staff with diverse experiences, backgrounds and perspectives that supports Martin Luther School’s mission and vision
- Manages hiring/firing of all personnel
- Ensures compliance of all relevant laws, regulations pertaining to the School, including compliance with all terms and conditions of Martin Luther School’s charter
- Ensures compliance with relevant workplace and employment laws
- Ensures job descriptions are developed and maintained and that regular performance reviews are completed and documented
Educational Leader
- Develops and evaluates the educational program to ensure conformance to the School’s mission, state and Board standards
- Develops and coordinates with staff and teachers the educational programs in accordance with Martin Luther School’s mission and vision
- Confers, assists and resolves educational and/or behavioral problems
- Oversees educational programs and coordinates educational services in consultation with the Principal
School Administration
- Leads the administrative team
- Plans and monitors the school budget in conjunction with the Chief Finance Officer and Board
- Authorizes requisitions and allocates supplies, equipment, and instructional materials as needed
- Plans and directs building maintenance
- Monitors the safety and security of the school building and property
- Performs other duties as assigned
This role description is intended to represent key areas of responsibilities; specific assignments may vary from time to time, and other duties may be assigned.
What You Bring:
- Master’s Degree in Education/Educational Leadership/Business Administration or equivalent Experience
- Prior school administration experience preferred.
- Management, supervision, fundraising, development, and financial management.
- A deep understanding of current educational best practices and a commitment to Christ-centered education.
- Ability to develop and implement a strong academic program that aligns with the school's mission and values.
- Commitment to student growth and development, both academically and spiritually.
- Excellent fundraising skills are desired.
- Experience in marketing and enrollment management can be a plus.
- Strong work ethic and the ability to manage multiple priorities.
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